Question Time With Kate Percival – CEO of Grace Belgravia, London

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We ask Kate Percival what she does to keep fit and healthy at her Chelsea Members Club, Grace Belgravia.

1. 'Be Well' is a key theme at Grace Belgravia, what are your top tips for a healthy lifestyle in our fast paced world?

Get plenty of sleep - a minimum of 7 hours to really function well. Eating well and regularly - lots of fresh vegetables and fruit - organic wherever possible and depending on your health history not too much red meat and of course take plenty of exercise which is good for the body, heart and soul.

2. With all the superb facilities available at Grace Belgravia, what do you consider as a 'must do' each week and month?

Eating our food every day whether it be a fresh juice or smoothie, in the restaurant or either Grace to Go. Our Gym is also fantastic and the team understand the needs of every individual level of fitness so whether you want to exercise gently or be pushed to your limits, they design specific training for you irrespective of age or fitness level. We are also now proud to provide the most varied and extensive class timetable of any private members club in London and every week we have over 125 complimentary classes for beginners to advanced, including everything from eight types of Yoga to Body Barre, Reformer Pilates, Boxing and Spinning to High Intensity Interval Training and Dance - there really is something for everyone! It helps that we have the Medical Clinic here too so all my health care is looked after under the same roof.

3. Skin is our largest organ and its health is vital, do you feel people put as much focus on caring for the skin as they do other areas of wellness? Have you any recommendations?

I think it is a good idea to have a regular facial to stimulate the collagen and keep the skin hydrated and clean. Plus being consistent with your skincare routine is important, so at-home use including my favourite QMS products works in between treatments. We also recently introduced CACI into the club and when your skin needs an additional lift these treatments can really help.

4. Why do you think QMS works so well at Grace Belgravia?

The results-focused philosophy of QMS resonates very well with our clients; it has always been of the utmost importance to us to be able to deliver the best partnerships to our members for whatever goals they want to achieve. Caring for your skin was very much part of this and with QMS' the combination of really effective skin-enhancing facials and advanced skincare products has been a very positive addition to our spa menu. The accessibility and affordability make it also very attractive as it means they can get their facial fix often!

5. Do you have a hero product or treatment within the QMS Medicosmetics Collection?

I am a great fan of the Classic Collagen Set, this combo of natural soluble collagen serums with exfoliation has made such a difference to my skin. I also try to have a regular monthly facial; the choice varies a bit depending on what my skin needs at the time.

6. What do you do at Grace Belgravia when you have a moment to relax?

Facials of course!

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