"Best Luxury Spa & Skincare Product" 2013 Senses

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International wellness & lifestyle magazine SENSES has awarded the SENSES Lifestyle Award 2013 in the category of "Best Luxury Spa and Skincare Product" to QMS Medicosmetics.

Celebrity hairdresser Udo Walz presented Dr. med. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics with this top award. In his tribute Udo Walz praised Dr. Schulte's pioneering science, which has led to great advances in the effectiveness of skincare. QMS Medicosmetics high-performance products and spa treatments were honoured alongside the company's positioning and profile.

The SENSES Award recognizes the most outstanding ventures in the luxury spa and wellness industry as well as the most exclusive resorts and lifestyle products around the world. The prize is considered a quality seal for the global hotel & lifestyle industry and has been awarded at ceremonies in Berlin, London, Moscow and Dubai since 2011.

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