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"Skincare Essentials. Our busy beauty team dish their secrets on maintaining great skin." Liberty London

"I use QMS Medicosmetics Day Collagen, £75,followed by the brand's Liquid Proteins, £110 - which is a really lightweight but ultra-hydrating moisturiser and gives a great base for make-up. If you haven't tried QMS Medicosmetics yet and have less than perfect skin, you need it in your life! My favourite product in the world and one I use several times a week after cleansing is their Dermabrasive Gel, £80 - it's the most effective treatment I've ever used, has transformed the texture of my skin and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone." Sarah Coonen, Beauty Buyer, Liberty.

"I'm a total convert to QMS Medicosmetics: this new range has changed skincare for me. I use the QMS Medicosmetics Cleanser, £36, and Freshening Tonic, £36, religiously morning and night (however late I get in), and I love their light Liquid Proteins, £110. My new hero product is QMS Dermabrasive Gel, £80, which I use 3-4 times per week. The fruit acids and enzymes dissolve the top layer of skin, which has reduced hormonal break-outs around my chin and mouth and left my face much smoother." Izzy Maini, Assistant Buyer, Liberty.

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