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I recently visited the global flagship spa in London to experience what they refer to as ‘the art of personalised skincare’. The salon incorporates facial treatment rooms, a consultation area and the full collection of QMS Medicosmetics products and it is by no means your usual high street spa.

It’s not often I can hand on heart say ‘I have found a product that actually does what it says on the tin’, however, in this particular case, these products really do just that.

QMS Medicosmetics products can be used individually, however by using a combination of products better results will be achieved, as they work together to transform skin. The original three products of Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen are still the foundation of the collection.

My personal advice to men....go try it, you will be astounded and so will your friends! The only drawback is you will be hooked and finding excuses once a month to visit this special place might wear thin with the wife or girlfriend after a while, which means you might have to divulge the secret and then she will want to go too...