QMS founder Dr. med. Erich Schulte tells us why exercise is not only great for the body but also for your skin.

This does not mean exercise will detox your skin, as this is done through the liver, but the resultant increased blood flow will help to flush cellular debris out of your body. Of course exercise also tones and firms the muscles, which has a benefit to the overall appearance.

To ensure your skin does not have any side effects from exercise particularly if sweating a lot, it is important to take care to rehydrate and protect the moisture levels in the skin. Sweating is a thermoregulatory effect (evaporative cooling) no metabolites are discharged but when you take a shower or wipe it off it could cause a certain loss of Skin Lipids, which are important in keeping the moisture levels of the skin at an optimum level. If lipids are lost then the skin begins to dry out and in the long term this affects the skin's elasticity, causing premature aging.'

So this January if you are working out, remember a few key products to help keep your skin healthy. We suggest our Deep Cleansing and Freshening Tonic to keep pores unblocked and skin balanced. For outdoor exercise a lightweight moisturizer with natural SPF such as Sport Active Cream is ideal and don't forget to treat your whole body from top to toe with our exfoliation and hydration Body Performance Duo.