"Heights of Luxury" Julia Marozzi, Bentley Magazine

"Founded by Dr. med. Erich Schulte in 1986, QMS scientifically advanced and results-driven treatments are perfect for the high altitude mountain air. Within the featured collection there is a specially designed Alpina Collagen facial and their exceptional signature oxygen facial.

QMS evolved from Dr. Schulte's desire to design a complete system of rejuvenating skincare, combining the highest-quality ingredients with a lifetime of knowledge treating severe accident and burn victims as a reconstructive plastic surgeon in Germany.

From his childhood days growing up in Germany, he was well aware of the damage that winter sun and wind can do to the skin of ski and snowboarding enthusiasts. "Upping your skincare regime will help to establish an efficient buffer and defense for your skin against winter's dry skin cycle," he said.

Visitors to the Alpina Gstaad can take full advantage of the intensive creams and signature collagen skincare regime of QMS as part of a regular routine of exfoliation, hydration and protection.

The re-introduction of collagen into the skin is the reason Dr. Schulte created the brand, as his work as a trauma surgeon brought him into contact with damaged skin and scarring. He understood the value of collagen, which is the most important protein for the health of the skin, so set about developing a pioneering new technology that would enable collagen to be used effectively in skincare.

He also realised that effective skincare alone is not the answer to health. "Finally - and an area that I am not so good at - is something my wife always says, which is to do more exercise. this of course promotes circulation and gives your skin that rosy glow, but i think in my case she is referring to my waistline." Julia Marozzi, Bentley Magazine